WiFi becomes WFI, virtual world becomes real world

The person above the user: the new Internet ceremony user experience

AreaWFI opens the connectivity era

Personal activity protecting Internet public protocol

AreaWFI system is a password less human action. It’s a solution to have action like person for every user activity. It’s the system’s system, where Internet becomes raw public material for every personal human activity. WFI system gives a scope to a personal need introducing a big solution for a correct and easy useful of every Internet service, having like simple corollary a significant increase of the security of all Internet system and its services. AreaWFI is not a cyber security company, but surely, we bring a new vision, a very secure and important solution to have an Internet evolution, solving more Internet and general digital technologies problems, too. AreaWFI is a transparent and integrated system solution that can make the difference to open the connectivity era.

AreaWFI is a patented new integrated telecommunication system, giving a new ceremony user experience that give to the person the position above the user, an important change of point of view that give a sense to the all Internet world.