WFI stands for: WITH the right instrument, FOR a secure result, IN individual activities.

IN represents a moment in time. AreaWFI allows for instantaneous confirmation of your online activity IN the moment.

IN is also in the server that you are connected to. If you login to Facebook or Whatsapp, by confirming your identity and credentials using the dedicated E-T device, you are establishing your online identity as you would your physical – with a real, tangible action taking place IN that moment, IN that server, IN that activity.

AreaWFI is all about these three prepositions because our E-T device is, by design, prepositional. It governs the relationship between your real-life action, and your virtual action, connecting the two indefinitely. So, your virtual actions cannot be removed from your real-life actions, the two must always correlate.

If WIFI, wireless, stands for the immaterial and the intangible, a world we cannot see but are connected to almost inextricably nowadays, WFI stands for bringing the material back into this space. WFI is the real system for the right user ceremony activity that allows us to use the virtual world of WIFI.

Our actions are no longer localised to devices or computers in one location. With the new era of connectivity that dawned with mobile, one that isn’t tied down to one space, AreaWFI emerges at that single point of human connectivity that creates a virtual point of connection where-ever you are.