AreaWFI in CES

AreaWFI is pleased to be present at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, joining a gathering of the best of the world’s leading innovators on the global stage. CES attracts the world’s top business leaders and pioneering thinkers to marvel at the latest breakthrough technologies, so it is truly exciting to be able to kick off 2020 sharing and surrounded by innovation.

We couldn’t feel more at home in such an arena: AreaWFI is an evolutionary concept committed to changing the web, an industry that is in need of such a breakthrough. So what’s our story?It all started when our founder Tommaso and his team realised that it was necessary have a real action to determine the personal result having, in this way, also more trust during the personal internet activity.

Trust is the core factor in every transaction we make in our daily life. Nevertheless, this trust is today virtually shattered with the rise of data breaches. Tommaso’s longstanding experience as a technology specialist, combined with an established background in law, made him perfectly placed to do something about this.

He was passionate to protect the rights we share as humans – the right to privacy, individuality, and democracy – using his skills and drive. These rights are at risk of being breached each and every time we use the internet, with catastrophic consequences. We should not have to compromise the rights we hold as humans in order to be users of the internet.

With that in mind, AreaWFI is reinstating trust in any action we do in the Digital world changing the paradigm to view internet starting not from the object but form the person.

How does AreaWFI propose to do achieve this, you might ask? We hit the ground running. Now we have a patented new integrated telecommunication system, rewriting the ceremony of user experience. Many software vendors claim they have THE solution to protect your internet activity. Don’t trust them, there isn’t a way to do it. You expose your credentials every time you use them in a web page, or when you copy and paste them in web forms. AreaWFI uses a device called Electronic Territory (E-T) connect to the WFI system that works with your internet connection.

It permits to confirm like human every digital user operation. With E-T, you can give away your username and password, your credit cards and your sensitive data and you will still be protected, because we defend the result that the data give during a mathematical operation.

Our technology gives to the person a position over the user and the data generally. With For In, like acronym WFI, means exactly this: the possibily to use the virtual data world like media to obtain a real human result. Come and find us at CES this year to find out more.