WFI stands for: WITH the right instrument, FOR a personal result, IN individual activities connected to the public protocol, Internet.

WITH the right instrument in our hands, we can complete actions correctly. Our concept of WITH is to bring the value of the material into a realm where everything is virtual, digital, and immaterial but used by people in real life. WITH AreaWFI’s Electronic Territory personal device, our point of connectivity to the ethereal world of the internet becomes tangible again.

To use an example: our WITH concept is similar to that of a computer mouse. The mouse is a dedicated device (or in the case of a touchscreen computer/mobile, an embedded device) with which we physically prompt the actions we would like to enact on the internet. We use a mouse, this instrument in our hands, and real actions for our digital and virtual calculations: double click to open a directory in PC, click to login, click to pay, click to send an email. Every ‘click’ is completed by you having the right instrument in your hand.

The first ever mobile phones launched a new era of connectivity that is constant. We are perpetually connected to networks through our portable devices. In this era of connectivity, it is important to have the right instrument in our hands to be able to operate and do digital activities correctly. Because networks have shifted from local operations on systems installed in our PCs, to remote computers, remote software and applications that are publicly accessible, it is more essential than ever to protect our clicks. The only way to have a personal useful internet is by bringing connectivity back into our hands.

When you use Electronic Territory, our E-T device, you assume an IP and become a point or a number on the public line of the internet. E-T is the real point that connects you to the virtual world. With E-T, the virtual world meets the real world and you must once again, confirm all of your digital and remote actions with a localised click.

E-T is the right instrument for consummating the connection of the virtual remote world with the tangible real world. By integrating AreaWFI with your hardware or software, you once again become a person above a user WITH the right instrument to make using the internet easier and more secure. In this way E-T is the right modem for your remote action.

E-T personal device 1.0